Millionaire Mastery for Modern-Day Mystics
Everything you've been taught is wrong.

It's unlike you to struggle, and you don't have a spark of divinity in you....

you're a fully divine being who's wired for magic, built to thrive, and your natural state is to fly.

Your business problems exist simply because you've been conditioned to believe the opposite.

We're going to fix that.
Welcome to the UnSchool.

In a matter of weeks, you will:
  • 10x your monthly revenue, whether it's $100 or $10,000.
  • Unleash your genius so you can charge what you're worth and be completely confident doing it (even if your confidence is at an all-time low and you don't have a clue what your genius is).
  • Turn your yearly revenue into your monthly average, even if you've been trying to do this for years and think my claim is totally insane. (It's not. My clients do it all the time. You just need to know how to collapse Time.)
  • Fall in love with sales conversations and dramatically increase your close rate, even if you tremble like a leaf on calls now. (Happens ALL the time. Just wait 'til you read the testimonials.)
  • Receive five-figure full pays on one call, whether they've been following you forever or just discovered you, and even if all you have now is a low-end package you can barely sell.
  • Become bulletproof to objections. Enough said. 
  • Master intuitive guidance so you can throw away all the sales and marketing rules and follow your inner business genius who knows how to make you rich without selling your soul. [CAVEAT: There ARE rules you must follow. They are spiritual laws you must obey in order to become an energetic match for your highest business expression. But they don't work anything like the rules you've been taught. Because—I'll say it here and you'll hear it again later—magic isn't a mystery. It's spiritual science.]
  • Magnetize high-level clients who are blueprinted to work with you and are just waiting for you to show up energetically as their leader.
  • Master your mind so you can turn your inner world into a place of consistent harmony, inspiration, confidence and euphoria, no matter how plagued you are with anxiety, fear, analysis paralysis, low self-esteem or depression. (Somany of my clients drop their mental and emotional illnessses, even more serious ones like bipolar. Which is awesome, because what good is all the money you're going to make if you're still miserable?)
  • Master your heart so you can be available for the higher level of abundance and receive and keepall the cash, success and inevitable upgrades in love and health that are guaranteed to come to you if you do the work.

And while we're at it, let's state the obvious, shall we?
This is a sales page, and yet this program is all about teaching you how to build your business using practical magic and breaking all the industry rules.

What gives?

I actually spent four years agonizing about growing my email list, building a funnel and having the perfect website and photos. 

I made a grand total of $15,000. 

So I left and went back to corporate America. (You'll hear more about that debacle later.)

Then after I got fired, had a nervous breakdown, fell into deep depression and was diagnosed with bipolar and PTSD, I finally figured out a few things—all of which I'll teach you here—and then did my first million in ten months without any kind of automated or sophisticated anything. 

Janky website that I sent no one to and hoped no one would find? Check.

Total absence of fancy photos taken by an expensive photographer? Check.

No online following? Check. (I'd been off Facebook for 18 months.)

No email list? Check. 

(Ok, I had one...with like 30 people on it...and I never used it.)

No funnel? Check.

No paid ads? Check.

No discernable, regular, linear or predictable marketing or business building strategy? Check.

And my favorite?

NO HUSTLE. (I worked an average of 30 hours a week).

I'm only now building my first funnel because I have the capital to hire an A-team to do it for me.

There's nothing wrong with funnels or sales pages (although they're super fucking hard to do with integrity). 

It's just that most people hate doing them and think they have to do them in order to build a big business,

Oh, hell no.

If you want to build a million dollar empire using nothing but your intuition, genius and some selfies and Facebook posts (or a YouTube channel or Instagram presence or whatever sets your heart aflutter), you're in the right place. 

Over the past 14 months, I've created the most spiritually advanced, innovative and authentic sales and business training available anywhere. 

My clients' results have been nothing less than miraculous. 

These are spiritual entrepreneurs just like you who hate sales, doubt their gift, have major money blocks, are allergic to wrestling with systems and refuse to do anything that lacks integrity.

Once they apply this leading-edge material, they 10x their monthly income in a matter of weeks. 

And it doesn't matter where you're starting, because my genius is to 10x revenue. 

That means I've had people go from $100 to $1000/months and from $6,000 to $63,000 months ($189,000 total) in 90 days.

And none of them made any external changes to their business. They didn't create a new website, run Facebook ads, do a new photo shoot, create or change a funnel or spend time growing or even emailing their list.

When you know how to work energetic magic in your business, you don't have to do any of those things.

This is why my program is called the UnSchool.

I'm here to deprogram your consciousness so your business can become the natural expression of your inbuilt genius, who already knows how to market and sell like a master.

(Your Soul's natural gift is to transform consciousness and that's all selling and marketing is.)

We're just going to strip away the crap that's clogging your channel, mucking up your mind and blunting your brilliance. 

When this happens, your business can't help but rapidly rise. You'll actually have to work hard to keep it down.

(Quick story to illustrate this point: For my second launch of UnSchool Live (this material plus coaching and a luxury retreat), I had a $90K month and honestly forgot to market for most of it. And, seeing as this is my first sales page and funnel, that revenue came from just native Facebook posts, selfies and livestreams. But really, it came from my energy. And since I'm an energy master, cash comes willingly to me. It's awesome. And it's what will happen for you, too.)

You're here because rules, tried-and-true systems and gimmicky sales tactics pretty much make you puke. 

Want to know why?

Because the brilliance of your gift is that it's unique, and that energy of uniqueness must be reflected and honored EVERYWHERE, otherwise nothing will work 

In other words, there's got to be total congruency in everything you do, from the words you use in your marketing to what you say on sales calls to how you coach or deliver your service.

Or, the other way to say it: There has to be integrity, everywhere, at all times.

THIS is why you've tried every fucking thing on the planet to build your galactic-level spiritual gift into a business but have very little to show for it. 

You're one of the genius aliens who picked Total Integrity as the ultimate value system that was going to run your life (me, too. Lucky us. ;)) but that, by definition, means you can't copy someone else's methods. 

Not because it's immoral. 

Because it's an affront to your Soul. 

You agreed to be the vehicle for your Soul so that together you can break rules and shatter paradigms. 

So how the hell is your Soul supposed to express itself through a business that's being built INSIDE the very consciousness it's here to dismantle? 

You have to agree, that makes no fucking sense.

No wonder your Soul's pissed at you and is constantly shutting down your business grid, no matter how many times you try and flip the switch.

Your Soul has its own natural business blueprint and it's totally out of integrity for you to ignore, dismiss, disdain, discount and mistrust it.

And that's what you're doing. 

Not because you're an asshole, but because you were taught to do these things, without even knowing it.

I'm here to help you change all that.

So, who am I?

Let me take you back 18 months...

I'd just been fired from my six-figure job—the one I mentioned above that I'd run to in order to escape the utter analysis-paralysis-self-doubt-hopeless HELL of trying to build my online business for four years. 

I'd been hired to build a new division for the President of a tech company and I'd finally saved enough to rent a dingy, dinky apartment that I was ashamed to invite friends over to but at least felt like a step up from sharing a room with my daughter in my mom and dad's house for seven months.

Then my boss let me go.

Over the phone.

After just ten weeks.

I'd already had a bout of suicidal depression during the darkest of those four years.

And I was still recovering from an emotionally and physically abusive relationship I'd ended a year earlier. 

My emotional and mental state was fragile, to say the least. 

I logged into my bank to check my balance:


Enough for one month’s rent.

I'd already burned through my savings, investments and credit.

I was a single mom and had no idea how I'd feed my daughter.

It was when those words escaped my lips that my body betrayed me and I collapsed against my car at the gas station, hyperventilating, hardly able to stand. 

A few weeks later I was diagnosed with severe depression, bipolar and PTSD and told I needed to go on two forms of medication just to stabilize.

But I knew what was really happening, and what I really needed. 

My life was crumbling because I was being called to something much higher.
I was breaking down because it was time for my Truth to  break through.
I was experiencing a textbook spiritual awakening, and through several synchronicities, my decision became crystal clear.

I was going to honor my intuition and my truth and fully own my spiritual gifts no matter who said what, and I sure as hell wasn't going to medicate the channel those gifts were meant to flow through.

That made no fucking sense. 

My problem wasn't that I was crazy.

It's that I was ashamed of it. 

It had been my curse for years (you try keeping a massive dose of spiritual genius down for decades and see what happens....oh, wait, you HAVE. That's why you're here. ;)) but I knew deep down it was my blessing, AND that it would CONTINUE to be my curse until I regarded it with the honor it was due.

Ok. So the doctors say I'm crazy? 

So I'll be crazy.

And I made a commitment I've never wavered from since: to act on my intuition, to fully own and express my wild, beautiful, unleashed self, and to never turn my back on her again, no matter what.

And of course, since we teach what we're here to learn, I knew I was meant to start a business to help other trapped spiritual geniuses do the same thing.

I opened my doors on January 9, 2017 and simply acted on my intuition and spoke my truth. 

I'll never forget the day I emailed my parents to tell them I was graciously declining their last month of support because I'd already made tens of thousands of dollars ($15,000 in my first two weeks and $80,000 in my first three months) and was, hallelujah, FINALLY MAKING MONEY FROM MY GIFTS, on MY terms!!!!

I'll also never forget the incredulous look on my psychiatrist's face when I told her about that first fifteen grand....that I made without the "stabilizing" influence of pills.

I then went on to make over $1,000,000 in under a year.

It still feels somewhat like a dream, but it's not. It was my life. And it can easily be yours, also.

If you’ve landed here, it's because you know deep down that the only way your Soul is going to cooperate with your business is if you do exactly what I did: ditch the hustle, toss the rules and express your own crazy genius fully, no matter who says what.

You just need to learn how to listen to the voice of your Soul.

I'm here to show you how.
$4,000 IN TWO DAYS
Within two days of her first call, Debora Luzi booked $4,000, her highest sale ever and her first time taking CASH ON THE CALL, after not having made a sale in two months. She then went on to increase her monthly income 700% in December.

"I'm totally not a salesperson and I went from struggling for $300 sales to landing 12 discovery calls in two hours, and booking $35,500 and $18,800 CASH in three weeks!!! And my chronic fatigue, hair loss, blurry vision and brain fog are totally gone, I've lost ten pounds and 13.5 inches and my daughter has lost 20 pounds. Total game changer. Forever changed is an understatement. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Lorna, I love you!"
$20,000 IN ONE MONTH
"I used to shake on calls and thought ‘Who'd pay me more than $300 for what I do?’ Now I close calls with ease, my sales have ended in full pays, I'm going on higher quality dates where the men reach for the check before I even have a chance, AND I have so much free time!” Kelly Lunt sold a total of $67,000 in the UnSchool and went from $2,000 months working seven days a week, to averaging $10K months--even though she didn't work for two of them.
The UnSchool is an unparalleled experience of living transmissions of new consciousness that transcend Time and enter and change you at the cellular level, upgrading you and making you an energetic match to your higher business. It's also an elite business mastery school that provides you with the most effective, advanced and innovative training on high-integrity sales, marketing, prospecting and branding mastery around. You will experience life-changing results, amplify your impact in the world and massively increase your income in the process. 

UnSchool Live is now officially open for enrollment! (all this material plus live coaching, a 5D Business Activation and a luxury retreat. Pretty sweet!) Even before our launch we did $44,000 in sales! Congratulations to Alejandra and Niki.
$26,000 IN TWO WEEKS
Alejandra Crisafulli broke so many records I have to bullet point them:
* $14,000 in two days
* $37,000 booked and $26,000 CASH in six weeks. 
* 5X'd her most recent monthly average of $5,000, AND
* landed her first two, five-figure full pays. 
These are major firsts for someone who's been in business for 15 years. "Everything Lorna shares is so true! I had given up on getting more coaching because no matter what 'guru' swore they could help me break my $100k a year one could! 
It is truly magic and I have never felt more like a wizard as I do right now and we are just starting. Amazing! Here is to unwavering belief in myself no matter what."

Niki Wells closed her first $7,000 sale, doing in one day what she normally does in one month. And, this was her first 1:1 client in three months!

What's Included:
  • 2, 30-Minute 1:1 Genius + Strategy Session with Lorna to craft your genius into a package and channel your market 
  • 12, 60-minute highly potent activations, transmissions and mastery training (The MasterClasses)
  • 12, 30-Minute Q&A sessions that address the most pressing practical and energetic challenges to building a 5D business
  • Audio files of all MasterClasses so you can take them with you
  • Downloadable Powerpoint slides so you can take notes and remember key nuggets
  • Access to the UnSchool Alumni Facebook community so you can find support from the growing UnTribe of like-minded geniuses whose lives have been changed by this material
  • Lifetime access to everything
Commencement Day Initiation. [$2,000 value] A 4-hour online initiation to the UnSchool that will serve as a highly activating foundation for the course. (One UnSchooler said this material alone was worth $11,000.)
Access to "The Vault." [$2,500 value] Contains over 17 hours of channeled livestreams on advanced energetic training in sales and marketing, mastering feminine and masculine energies for quantum leap success, and innovative, high-integrity approaches to conducting market research, prospecting, closing sales and crossing the million dollar mark. Also contains "The Ascension Prayer," your new manifesto for shifting into 5D consciousness.
Using The Vault trainings alone, Amanda Cromer earned $40,000 in two weeks, Tina Herring earned $10,000 in six days, and Annie Sun earned $5,800 in three days.
Fear & Power - [$1000 value]: 5-Day Fear + Power Archetype Audio Series (A Virtual Retreat) Experience Lorna's groundbreaking and wildly popular material that will reprogram your consciousness in five days. Meet the four voices of fear that are ruining your life and the four voices of your power that hold the keys to all your magic. This material is also the secret to taking you from dreading to loving sales simply by shifting your understanding of what an objection actually is, how it sounds and how to effortlessly vaporize it and create astounding close rates and full pays, even if that seems like a pipe dream from where you are now.
Lifetime Access to The UnSchool Alumni Facebook Community. Stay plugged into a power grid of high-level money and impact making coaches.
The UnSchool Workbook. 12, elegantly-designed worksheets to give you a quick reference of the major concepts, inspirational nuggets and homework for each MasterClass.
4 Advanced Bonus Modules. [Value: $2,000] Channeled transmissions that include advanced training in 5D business mastery, which I hand-picked because of the incredible results and response from clients to this material. 
The UnSchool Required Reading List. A curated list of life-changing books that will accelerate your integration of the UnSchool material and support your transformation.
Sophia Li
"The UnSchool program alone was better than the my three previous coaches COMBINED! Ten minutes with Lorna is equivalent to 1.5 hours with another coach. If Lorna came with a warning label, it would be that neither you nor anybody around you will recognize you when she’s done. "
Morgan Mix
Morgan Mix runs a million dollar company and typically brings on five new clients a year. In twelve weeks of working with me, she signed three new clients, for a projected revenue of $1.5 million. "My time with Lorna has been life changing. She helped me identify my true gift and purpose. ...Exactly what I needed to push my stagnant small business into the grown-up business world. Her commitment to excellence and detail is unparalleled and I look forward to working with her as I enter the next phase of expansion and (eventual) world domination. :)"
The UnSchool Curriculum
Week 1: Your Spiritual Genius and True Worth (The Lover)
Activate a profound understanding of your worthiness, eliminate Imposter Syndrome, and ignite your Business Esteem so you’re able to command the rates you deserve. Many of my students start earning more within the first week!

In the first week, the UnSchool Class of 2017 booked $52,277, $24,972 in CASH.  
Week 2: Overcoming Objections (The Warrior)
Become bulletproof to objections so you can close with ease. Learn to embrace a "no" as an opportunity to create intimacy and deep connection with your prospects. Your clients will be regularly crying and thanking you as they pay on the phone!
Week 3: Marketing Mastery (The Magician)
Learn how to channel your marketing: unleash the unique words and phrases stored in your Soul that will automatically RING your client's minds and COMPEL them to buy. Learn advanced channeling techniques, including opening your crown chakra.
Week 4: Sales and Prospecting Mastery (The Magician)
Access your natural, soul-sourced ability to sell with supreme confidence as you exponentially increase your close rates by shifting from selling to creating breakthroughs. Gain the keys to unlock your clients' minds and hearts as you become a master in buying psychology. By the end of this module, you'll come to love and look forward to discovery calls and sales.
Week 5: Branding Mastery (The Sovereign)
Activate Your Soul Brand and step into your energy signature: the brand that cannot be duplicated. Establish yourself as the authority in your field, no matter how long you've been in business.
Week 6: Intuition For Business Mastery (The Magician)
Learn what intuition is and what it isn't, and how to activate and run with your business with it. Discover why intuition is your most critical business skill: understand the energetics of intuition and why it (and only it) creates quantum leaps.
Week 7: Your Secret Weapon - Masterful Coaching & Delivery
Master delivery and transformation so your clients achieve quantum leaps predictably and you get amazing testimonials. See your greater genius at work and elevate your confidence as you refine your delivery as your greatest weapon.
Week 8: Feminine and Masculine Energy (The Principles of Pleasurable Manifestation & Powerful Execution)
Activate your ability to receive your ideal clients and cash easily. Recognize the limitations of a hyper-masculine approach to business and true source of burnout. See the genius of your feminine and learn how to integrate her essential role and influence into your business. Understand the essential elements in a business that come only from an activated and empowered feminine and masculine.
Week 9: Sex and Sales
Uncover exactly  what you need to shift so you can magnetize higher-level clients and big ticket sales. Understand how shame and guilt are tied to your rates and master the art of vaporizing these low frequency Sales Thieves. Plus, learn a powerful exercise to strengthen your receiving muscle.
Week 10: Peak Performance & Time Mastery
Actualize your dream schedule so you stay in your zone of genius, sustain peak performance, avoid burnout, and continue to quantum leap. Discover the energetics behind why "grinding" is a flawed strategy that's destined to fail you every time. Learn how critical it is to hold firm boundaries around your time and master the skills to do so.
Week 11: Develop Authentic Presence
Discover the power of cultivating presence over perfection. Master the messy art of being a transparent, clear channel for your genius. Activate your raw, spontaneous, infectious energy that lies at the heart of your ability to magnetize clients and cash to you.
Week 12: Overcoming Objections - Advanced Level
Convert your fear of objections to an instant embrace of them and master the ability to use objections to create powerful intimacy and deep connection with your prospect. Learn to see objections for what they truly are: openings, requests, clues, and mirrors. Learn when NOT to overcome an objection and instead walk away from the sale.
Week 13: Objections and Role Playing
Role play the most common sales objections so you can go into every call feeling confident and prepared. Know and embody your value so your clients sell themselves to you, and you decide whether or not to work with them.
$18,500 IN 3 MONTHS
Madeline Rose raised her rates 60%, sold $18,500 in the last quarter of 2017, nearly doubled her sales each of those months, and sold her first five figure package in December to a coach she was thinking of hiring only months earlier. And she'd only been in business since May, and just started selling in October.
After having no sales in two years, Devayani Pandev sold a full-pay $2,000 package, after just watching a livestream! "Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. I would NEVER have had the nerve to go over the cost of the program and ask 'So do you want to pay with a credit card?'"
$22,500 IN 3 MONTHS
In her first week, Carly Cloer doubled her rates and went on to sell $22,500 in three months. And because her coaching mastery dramatically improved, she also activated massive transformations with her clients. "One went from $60,000 to $100,000 in 2 months. Lorna, I thank God EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY I FOUND YOU. Joining The UnSchool was the absolute BEST decision of my life." 
$17,000 IN 2 WEEKS
Tina Herring sold her first $10,000 package (up from a typical sale of $2,555) to a coach who trained HER two years ago, 4x’d her monthly income and has done $17,000 in sales in two weeks. "As I write this I'm shaking from shock and excitement and bewilderment. The call was mindblowing! The stuff that was flowing through me blew my mind! All it took was a few energetic shifts and voila!"
About Me
It is hard to put a label on me. I'm not quite a coach or consultant. I'm not a spiritual guru. I'm an entirely different breed of activator and change catalyst. 
I help people elevate their consciousness so that they can tap into the mechanics of reality and bend it to their will. This allows them to command the incredible cash, clients and opportunities that already exist at the level of their Soul Frequency to come straight into their experience. 

Through my work and mentorship, my clients transcend 3D consciousness and step into a 5D way of being. This is how I was able to start a million business in under a year with no online following and how my clients regularly 10x their income, find soul mates and rapidly drop mental and physical illnesses without medication or therapy.
When you work with me, you unlock your ability to attract the life and business of your dreams without having to hustle, sell your soul or wait years. 

People don't just stumble across my energetic doorstep. You're here for a reason.

If you want to exponentially increase your income in a way that honors your uniqueness, expresses the fullness of your genius and provides you with a grounded yet expansive platform to make the kind of earth-shattering impact you know you're meant to make, then there's only one thing left to do: Take the leap. 

Remember: Your natural state is to fly.

Here's to your beautiful, badass wings.

How It Works
This is a digital experience you can go through at your own pace. 

But let's be clear, this is a digital experience like no other. 

Saying it's a "digital experience" is like telling someone you're going to take them to a movie and then walking them into a fully immersive VR IMax holographic holy fuck experience.

There's really no comparison between this and anything else you've done.

I've infused every word in every MasterClass and bonus with living consciousness and transmissions that transcend Time and have taken your participation into account. 

You will often feel like I'm talking directly to you.

I am. ;)

When you register, you’ll get access to all 12 MasterClasses (plus the 4 advanced bonus modules), and The UnSchool Workbook.

You’ll also get access to the private UnSchool Facebook group.

You have completely unlimited replays and will have all the course content forever.

So, are you ready to exponentially increase your impact and income by finally taking your Soul seriously and putting it front and center in every business decision?
Ok, seriously?

Now you're just reading because you're curious, right? 

Alrighty then. How about this...

Listen to a hardcore "anti-woo-woo" research scientist explain how she went from ZERO business to $58,000 in four weeks using only her intuition, and all from just two comments on Facebook.
And here come the questions...
1. What if I'm not a coach? Is this still for me? Yep. I had someone who was starting a horse-brokering business benefit from this material,'s bound to work for you. If your business is an expression of your genius, and if you want quantum breakthroughs in branding, marketing, sales, revenue, influence and impact, your mind will be blown by what you learn here and by how much your energy field is upgraded—and your business expands—as a result of the material. 

2. I'm super busy right now. What if I don't have time to take the course now? Um. I'm just gonna say it. If you're "super busy" right now, that's a load of horse shit. You make time for what you care about. (Plus, Time comes from you and you make as much of it as you want, so this right here is a REALLY good reason to join the program, because you've got a major program running that we have to debug asap, my friend.) That being said, the question you're actually asking is if you'll have unlimited access to the information, and the answer to that is, Yes. You'll have access to the material for as long as the internet exists. It's all hosted online, in an elegant and intuitively designed portal so you can access the material anytime, anywhere. I've also made audio files of the MasterClasses so you can listen in your car on the freeway, on the treadmill, or in the deep, dark forest of your mind.

3. Do I have to have a business to take this course? Nope. Some of my most powerful testimonials come from clients who'd only been in business a few months. Take Madeline Rose, who'd been "in business" for five months, but had only been selling for one month before enrolling in the UnSchool (and still didn't have much of an idea of what she was selling, to whom, or why). Three months later, she'd sold a five-figure package and a total of $18,500. These principles apply to anyone at any stage of their business.

4. What can I expect from this course? Ok, first of all, it's really not a "course." That's like saying an orgasmic dining experience at a Michelin 3-star restaurant is a "dinner." This is an activation and massive upgrade of your cellular-level consciousness. It is a transmission of Truth that will wake you up out of your deepest slumber and set your on your path to your legacy. It is a comprehensive, step-by-step deep-dive into soul business mastery. Everything you need to catapult your business into higher and higher levels of revenue as a result of your personal shift in consciousness is here. My intent, and what the vast majority of my clients experience, is that you activate MASSIVE shifts in your business that will impact everyone around you and live as the boldest, most badass expression of your Soul.

 Which leads me to question number 5.

5. Does EVERYONE have these crazy results? Are they typical? And if not everyone does, then how do I know it will work for me? Ahhh. The ultimate question. And you're wise to ask it. I have a very high success rate. One of the highest in the industry. HOWEVER, there are definitely clients who work with me and have zero results. Want to know why? Because....and I say this with all compassion for the struggle and for their human...they're fucking cowards. My work is intense, terrifying and will bring out your deepest shadows—the shit you've been hiding from for so long, you actually forgot you were hiding. The reason you're stuck and stalled, miserable and sick to death of struggle is because your genius is HIDING from you, because you think you're not an energetic match for your power and your prodigious gifts. You actually think somebody is going to DIE if your wield your gifts with all their force and power. You've got shame upon shame upon shame about the essence of who you are. And that shit takes a powerful will and massive doses of courage to be willing to face and uproot. And that, my friend, is on you to unearth and bring to the table. That's not my job. My job is to show you the Light and shine the unfiltered Truth on your shadow, shame, conditioning and programming, teach you how to listen to the voice of your Soul, and teach you the energetics and brass tacks of how a 5D business is run. Your job is to trust me (meaning trust yourself, probably for the first time ever), act on your intuition (assuming you know what that is, which I'll teach you), and be willing to do whatever it takes, no matter what, to follow the guidance of your Soul.

If you do THAT, then results are guaranteed. Like I said, magic is a spiritual science, my friend. It is not a mystery.

As for the testimonials you've read here, they're just a handful of my clients and as much as they're delightful and wonderful and unique, there's nothing "special" about them that you don't have. 

That being said, this work is not for everyone, and that's why in my live programs I'm so selective about who I work with. If you're ready to activate quantum breakthroughs in every area of your life and are willing to release the small game you're playing, then you're in the right spot. There's literally no limit to what you can achieve (since you are master of Time and Space and all).

All good? No more questions! Great! You know what to do next....
Leigha Lake booked $24,000 in her first month of The UnSchool, 5xing her rates overnight with a highest-ever $8,000 sale and $3,434 in cash. "I never thought I'd make it to being a six figure coach. I thought $2k a month would be amazing!"
Malorie White more than doubled her package and had a $15,000+ month to close out 2017 (coming from a $3000/mo average).
Danna Hasson Yahav doubled her package and added a zero to her monthly income and sold $4,000 in one month, from average of $400. "How do you even go about celebrating making 10x more than ever before?"
Jeremy Lasman had a blowout December and increased his monthly income 700%+! "I no longer need to be skeptical of genius. My magic is real. Thank you Lorna!"
What the heck are you waiting for? Fly... I mean, buy now, baby.
Receive The Unschool + Private UnSchool Alumni Facebook Group + All the Bonuses (Valued at $15,000). 
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